As a photographer and a videographer, I use different sets of kit for different jobs. The first list is the kit that I use if I am just going out to photograph a location or a scene … maybe a bit of landscape photography …

The second list is what I use to film my youtube videos or when I am commissioned to film a video for a client. My setup is a bit of a mish-mash of kit, but it works for me. I shoot with prime lenses as I prefer the look I get from them, but zoom lenses also do a great job.

Click on any of the photos to see how much it costs and where you can buy it.


Sony A7iii – Full frame Mirrorless Camera

The Sony A7iii is my go to photography camera. It is a solid workhorse that I have used since it was released in 2018.

I think I have about 150,000 shutter activations and it is still going strong …

This is a much better camera for photography than videography … if you are a videographer, I’d suggest getting the A7C or the A7Siii.

Nisi 15mm f4 – Sony FE mount

This is a lens I am growing to love the more I use it. For landscape photography, if you like the foreground, midground, background composition, this is fantastic for getting it all in.

At f4, it isn’t a great lens for astrophotography, but for everything else it does have a lot of character.

It is a manual lens but this forces you to slow down and think about what you are shooting … this might not help if you are chasing the light and arrived late, but if you give yourself time, you can get some great images with this lens!

Tamron 17-28mm

This is a great, affordable full frame, wide angle zoom lens for the Sony FE mount system.

Having primes is great, but having the ability to zoom in or out to quickly change your composition is fantastic.

Whenever I use this lens, I want to sell all of my prime lenses and just buy a set of zooms.

If I wasn’t a videographer as well, I probably would just own this, the 35-150mm and the 200-600mm.

Sony 35mm f1.8

The 35mm is a lens I have avoided for a long time, but since buying this lens, I have really fallen in love with the shots it can produce.

It gives a really natural look to your photos, and at 35mm it is not as tight as the 50mm, but not super wide like the 24mm primes out there so it is a great walkaround prime lens.

I used this the first time I ever went out and purposefully did street photography … and I got some images I really like.

Sony 85mm f1.8

The 85mm is such a fun lens to use. You can get the background out of focus really easily, it is great for portraits and headshots, and makes any scene look awesome…

For street photography, if you want to blur backgrounds and not have to get too close to your subjects, this is a perfect lens for that…

For portraits, this is my go to lens…

Even for landscape photography,I break out this lens every now and then when I just want to get that much closer to my subject.

I use my RX10iii as a telephoto lens I find it is fantastic for getting a redficulously long reach and picking out those small details in a huge landscape.

It also doubles as a great walk around lens in the day time, when I might not need the specs of a more professional camera system. Having this on my hip gives me so many options when we travel.

This gives me a 24-600mm range all in one system, which means I can get a wide shot, right through to a super closeup all within a few seconds of each other.

Sirui ST-124 tripod with Ballhead

This is a fantastic lightweight and compact tripod. I’ve been using this for a while now and it is now my goto tripod for everything photography where I am not shooting handheld.

Having a tripod really helps open up the possibilities of what you can take, for using much slower shutter speeds, doing long exposures and shooting astrophotography.

Sony Z series – Genuine battery

Having a good power source is essential so you can keep shooting.

There are third party batteries out there, but I only really recommend the genuine Sony batteries with the Z series.

No warnings on the back of the camera like with third party batteries and lots of cycle times to get a lot of use out of your camera

Affordable SD cards

As SD cards go, normally I’d say get as expensive as you can … but I’ve been using these for the past few years and they have never let me down.

They are great value for money and just keep going … and with 128Gb you have plenty of space for capturing as many photos as you want!

I have a handful of these as they are around $25 so I will never run out of space.