Star trails

Today I am going to show you how to take and edit star trails

Now I mainly take single shots of starry skies and the milkyway in my astrophotography shots. I haven’t really tried star trails so this is my first proper go.

Star trails are those images where you see the stars streaking across the sky……not that type of streaking……

You’ll need Lightroom Photoshop and StrastaX.

StarstaX is freeware and is a great tool for compiling these star trails! Click here to download the program.

You’ll need Lightroom and photoshop as well. If you don’t have this, click on the link in the description to a free 30 day trial.

To shoot the photographs, you need a tripod and an intervalometer and obviously a camera.

To get a circular pattern, find the North Star and get it on your centre line…..or if you think of a better composition, just remember the North Star will be the rotational point.

If you point in other directions you can get quite cool and sometimes weird patters from slightly curved lines to waves lines….wider lenses seem to distort and bend the lines and longer focal lengths produce straighter lines (with only a slight curve).

I shot the stars in two different ways…..check out the video link above to find out how I do this!

Also Charles from NightSkyPix got in contact and they have an amazing resource for shooting star trails…lots of handy information on getting star trails all on one blog, check it out:



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