This was one of the best events I have Photographed!

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There’s nothing better than heading out into the wilderness to take photographs…and when there is a sport attached to it…it makes it so much more exhilarating. Now there’s not much that can top going to the Redbull Romaniacs World Enduro Super Series and that is exactly what we did back in the summer of 2019.

In the UK there are a certain amount of rules and regulations. Spectators are kept to one side of the tape and riders are on the other. Not so with Romaniacs, near Sibiu in Romania. You’re given a map of where the riders will be and what time, and then you make your own way to that location.

My wife and I were in the crowd, watching the time trials and those are the photos where the riders are tackling the big wooden obstacles, but when they go out into the Carpathian Mountains, you pretty much have to fend for yourselves.

We went to several different locations for the first two days and at times we were walking along part of the actual track…I used to ride motocross, so I loved it but my wife was not so enthralled!!

Once at the popular spots, basically where all the other spectators were, the riders would make their way past you…and if you were on the part of the hill that they wanted to ride up, you’d get shouted at and then they would carry on riding past you…

THis is by far one of the best events I have photographed…I didn’t go as an official photographer, just as a spectator, and I got so close to the riders…The closeups of Johnny, Graham and Manny were all taken with the A7iii and a 25mm…that shows you how close they are…and if you watch some of the Redbull footage of Romanicas 2019 on YouTube, you’ll see me in parts of it in the background shooting the riders…

Once Covid is over, I can’t wait to get back to this event as it is one of the most spectacular things to shoot.