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If you’re having problems updating the firmware on your sony camera with the Apple Mac operating systems, there is a patch to make this work now. I upgrade my A7iii and my A6600 and show you how it is done. This works for the A9, A9ii, A7 A7iii, A7rii, A7riii, A7riv, A7sii, A7siii, basically all of the cameras that need a firmware upgrade. 

Also all of the links are available below for the software for most of the Sony cameras through to the app you need to make it all work.  

The all important driver loader:

Driver loader 1015 link:…

All the firmware links I could find (these are sony US but if you prefer you can do a google search for the sony website in your own country)

All the camera models from sony:…

If any of these don’t work, let me know and I will change them. 

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  • 0:00​ – Intro
  • 0:12​ – BIG SUR users – click on the link in the description
  • 1:34​ – Prepare your sony camera
  • 1:57​ – Install the Sony Software Updater
  • 2:47​ – Install the Patch Driver
  • 3:20​ – Installation process
  • 5:18​ – Plug in your camera
  • 6:32​ – Sony System Software Updater