Sony A7rii vs A7iii, which one is for you? Lots of people have been asking me this….both are the same price, for now. Here’s the link for the downloadable files:

I use both on a daily basis so I know the strengths and weaknesses of each. I’ll show you the main similarities and the main differences between them. Sometimes I’ll reach for the A7rii and other times I’ll reach for the A7iii, they both have their uses and so I try to articulate them to you in this Sony A7rii vs A7iii battle.

With the price of the A7riii being much higher, and the specs being subtly different, the A7iii seems like the one to get, however, with the release of this Camera, there seems to be a load of a7rii’s that have flooded onto the market. So one question I get asked a lot is “which one should I get, the a7rii or the a7iii?” 

Similarities with the Sony A7rii and the A7iii:

  • Sony E-mount and full-frame CMOS sensor
  • 14-bit RAW (compressed and uncompressed options)
  • Dust and moisture resistant magnesium alloy body
  • OLED electronic viewfinder with 2,360k dots and 0.78x magnification
  • 5-axis in-body stabilisation (4.5EV for A7r II vs 5EV for A7 III)
  • 4K video at 30fps in both full frame and crop mode
  • WiFi and NFC connectivity
  • They both have the ability to run off battery packs. 

Sony A7iii:

Sony A7rii:

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Differences between the Sony A7rii and the Sony A7iii:

1. Battery size and longevity the a7iii is so much better…..I have two batteries for it and rarely use the second one except on really long shoot days. I have 6 batteries for the a7rii…….6………

2. Megapixels – this is the actual size difference when it comes to printing out …… this is an a3 template and you can see the size of the a7iii image size and then this is the a7rii file size (show size on an a3 image in photoshop) 24mp vs 42mp

3. Crop ability with the a7rii being better in crop mode

4. Menus better in a7iii but still huge and easily forgettable….there are a lot of functions, and they have to give them to you one way or another….both cameras are very customisable though, and between the custom buttons and the function menu, you should have easy access to everything you need.

5. Autofocus better in a7iii especially if you shoot with an adapter. On native lenses, the a7rii is really good, but noticeable better on the a7iii….its just basically a newer upgraded system. 693 vs 399 focussing points

6. DR A7iii 15 stops A7rii 13.9 but The difference is minimal

7.  Shooting speeds A7rii max of 5fps, a7iii maximum of 10fps with AE/AF tracking. Up to 8fps, it is possible to have live view with blackouts.

8. Buffer speeds – In a burst at full speed, the A7 III can take a maximum of 177 JPG frames or 89 uncompressed RAW frames. The A7r II can only manage a maximum of 24 JPGs or 9 uncompressed RAW files. The A7rii files are considerably bigger though.

9. A7rii you have to wait for the files to be written to the SD card, In the A7iii, he function buttons, playback mode and menu system all remain accessible even while files are being written.

10. The monitor – The resolution, which is higher on the A7r II model (921K vs 1228K).

11. The A7iii has the touch function, so you can move the focussing point to where you want it to quickly with the A7iii….

12. The A7iii has a joystick….which I wish was customisable…..only the push button function is and not the directions. 

13. The A7iii has 3 different covers which seem to get in the way, whereas the a7rii only has 2. 

14. File sizes are vastly different. If you shoot uncompressed raw files, the a7iii will be about 40Mb and the a7rii will be 80Mp. For compressed raw files halve that and if you shoot jpegs…..just stop the video now, go and change to RAW and come back…..I can wait……If you go for the A7rii your computer may struggle unless its an editing beast!! I have the MacBook Pro 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 with 16gb ram and it is noticeable slower with the A7rii 42Mpixl images especially when editing thousands of shots at a time. 

15. A7iii 650g. 127 x 96 x 74 mm.      A7rii 625g. 127 x 96 x 60 mm

16. The a7rii has one memory card slot where as the a7iii has two.


1. The A7iii is best shooting in lowlight with full frame, whereas the a7Rii is best lowlight performance in crop mode

2. The A7 III has 120fps in Full 1080p HD while the A7r II can only record at this speed in 720p.

3. They both shoot full frame 60/50 pal/ntsc in full hd so you can get half speed slow mo

4. Max ISO A7iii 51,200 vs A7rii 25,600

So in this Sony A7rii vs A7iii battle which do you think you would go for? I try to answer most of the comments I get on youtube, so head over there and let me know.

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