This week I’ll show you how to find 5 of the hidden functions on the sony a7iii. 4 for photography and 1 for videography! 

Bright monitoring, eye auto focus, blinkies, bulb mode & zoom!

If you want to get more out of your sony a73, watch and learn where these settings hide. These features will help you take better photos, and will make you a better photographer…….eventually! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bright monitoring 

When shooting at night or in a really dark environment, you might not be able to see how the image is framed up as it is too dark for the monitor. Bright monitoring lowers the shutter speed of the monitor to let more light in to each frame brightening up the monitor, so you can see in much darker situations than normal. 

This is hidden in the custom menus. You can set it to any one of your custom buttons and this is the only way youโ€™ll gain access to it. You canโ€™t even set it to one of the areas in the function menu. 

GO to tab 2, page 8 and select picture custom key

Find the custom button you want to set it to and then select it, go to page 17 of 22 and select bright monitoring

I set it to the AEL button but you can set it to any of the custom buttons you was to. 

Eye autofocus

Eye autofocus is another one that is tricky to find. Every one talks about it, but it is another setting you have to assign to a custom key. I set this to the AF-on button so when I am shooting portraits, I can just use my thumb to select it. 

To activate it

GO to tab 2, page 8 and select picture custom key

Go to the button you want to assign it to and select it

Go to page 4 of 22 and select eye-AF 

Then set your focus mode to AF-C this will mean that as your subject moves the focus will follow them and keep on the front eye. 

It struggles a little in backlit conditions, but overall it is a fantastic function. 

Crop AND Zoom in with a prime and still keep 4k (downsampling)

This is more for video than photography but its a great one if youโ€™re struggling for reach at the end of your longest lens or you have a prime lens that you may want to film something that bit further away. 

We all know about super35mm setting, which crops in on the sensor. But there is also a zoom function and if you have it on clear image zoom, you can get a little bit more reach and still be able to film in 4k. I believe this is done through downsampling of the image. As it shoots a 5k image, so there is room to crop in a little more with very little to no loss in quality.

To get there:

Go to tab 2, menu 5 of 9 and select zoom setting, select and change to clear image zoom

Go to tab 1 menu 1 and select APS-C/super 35mm and turn it on. 

Go to tab 2 menu 5 and select zoom

Use your back dial to zoom in more

In full fram this crops in x2 and in super 35mm this crops in x1.5. 

Bulb mode 

If you havenโ€™t shot in bulb mode and have just purchased a remote shutter release and want to do some long exposures, you might not be able to get to bulb mode. 

So to get to bulb mode, select manual mode, it wonโ€™t work in any of the other modes, so just manual mode. 

Then slow down your shutter speed into the seconds. Bulb mode lives one click past 30 seconds. 

Now when you click and hold your shutter remote, it will hold it open for s long as you keep the shutter release pressed. 

Blinkies/highlight warnings

If you used to shoot with DLSRโ€™s you might have used the blinkies more commonly known as highlight alert/hightlight warning. This shows in the preview on your monitor, when the highlights have blown out. If you go through the menus, there is not such a setting. 

To get to this one, you just have to select the review button and then press the up button on the back dial. Keep pressing it until you get to the histogram rgb breakdown. On the smaller preview, any blow-out highlights will blink at you like on an old DSLR.

If you have any other settings you love or hate about the mirrorless systems, leave a comment below, it would be great to hear your thoughts on these cameras. 

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