Today I’ll show you 5 essential settings for your sony a7iii, especially if you’ve recently converted from a DSLR.

⬇️⬇️***CORRECTION – EYE AF LOCATION CHANGE*** read in description ⬇️⬇️

EYE-AF – Since this was made a few years ago, sony have had a few firmware updates and added a lot to the custom lists. There are now two different options if you have the latest 4.0 firmware.

If you go to menu 2 page 8…and then find the button you want to assign it to (I still have it on af-on button), then in the list it is now on page 5 of 23 in the custom key menus.

On that page you should find two options 1.Eye AF 2.Face/Eye priority in AF If you pick Eye AF, it will work like in the video…and works best in the wide focus area.

If you pick Face/Eye priority in AF, when you press the button, it will give you the option to turn this on or off…when off the normal focus button works as standard, when its on your normal focus button will prioritise faces and eyes…if it sees a face in the shot, it will focus on that.

  • Timecodes:
  • 0:00​ – Intro
  • 0:52​ – Zebras
  • 2:13​ – Live View Display
  • 3:50​ – Eye-AF
  • 5:17​ – Electronic View Finder
  • 6:03​ – Focus Peaking
  • 7:06​ – Outro

I converted about 5 years ago to Sony Cameras, it took me a while and back then with the mark 2 versions, things were a little bit slower and more clunky. There are things I miss about the canon 5div and the canon 6d but now with the a7iii, the a7riii and the a9, and now the even more current A7riv, A9ii and the A1, there hasn’t been a better time to switch to mirrorless.

I show you 5 settings that mirrorless cameras have…..and dslr’s don’t. If you have any other settings you love or hate about the mirrorless systems, leave a comment below, it would be great to hear your thoughts on these cameras. If you would like to see more, subscribe and turn on notifications for weekly videos, hints and tips and more. If you know anyone who would benefit from this video, share and like the video.



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