When shooting real estate photography it is important to capture the essence of the room as well as keeping the customer happy. Most real estate companies will want you to make the space look as big as possible and thee best way to do this is to use a super wide angle lens with very little distortion.

Another thing to take into consideration is how level your camera is. If it is not perfectly level, the verticals and horizontal lines in your photographs will look off.

I make sure the camera is level and then check my vertical lines with the side of thee frame. I then decide at what level I want to take thee photograph. In the living-room I prefer to shoot at the same level as the eye of someone who would be sat on thee sofa. In the bedroom, I shoot a little higher and then outdoors, I’ll shoot from a lot of different levels and angles.

If you have a lot of time and a big budget, use a flash and really develop the look of your photograph. If the budget is limited, I take single shots looking into a room and any frames that have windows with daylight outside, I bracket those and then blend the frames afterwards to get a much better dynamic range so you can see what is outside as well as what is inside.

It is important to get all of the lights on inside and make sure they are obviously on in the frame. If you over expose the shot, you might have them on but they might not look at all bright…and sometimes theey will look like they are not turned on.

The best thing to do with real estate photography is to practice at home and on friends houses and properties until you can consistently get good photographs. Then you can start to build a customer base with the local estate agents.