With the milkyway season on the horizon, I thought I’d go over 7 things you need, for milkyway photography. If you get it right you can get some amazing astrophotography shots, but it does take a little planning, location scouting and you do need a few accessories to make it easier for you to take amazing photos of the stars. 

I always take these 7 things into consideration and it makes taking photos of the stars a breeze.

First of all to photograph the milkyway, obviously you need a good camera. THe A7iii is a fantastic full frame option, but you don’t need to spend that much. You can even get some good photos with the rx100 series of cameras if you are patient enough.

Next you need a good sturdy tripod. I have the 055 tripod from manfrotto which is a beast of a tripod, but any solid tripod will do. Just spend at least $100 on one to get a decent one that will keep your camera still whilst you photograph the milkyway.

For milkyway photography, it is good to get a manual lens with a big aperture…also known as a fast lens. These will let in a lot of lightinto your camera so when you do photograph the milkyway, the camera will have a chance to see what is going on and get you a good photograph.

To find the milkyway in the night sky, you do need a good planning app, for my milkyway photography, I use photopills and it is fantastic to not only know when to go out but to find the milkyway in the sky when you are on location.

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