This week I show you how light painting the foreground in your Astrophotography photos helps make them stand out from the rest.

This will really make your astrophotography better and get you shooting great night sky photos. When I want to take better milkyway photos, this is what I do.

With a few torches and even your smartphone light, you can do a bit of light painting with the foregrounds in your astrophotography photos to get more interesting images.Β 

It is a case of setting your camera up o the tripod, getting the settings to where you want to get a good exposure of the sky, and then whilst the shutter is open, swiping the light from left to right so you literally paint in the ground.

It will take a little while to get an idea of how much you need to do for your settings…I start off with the light on my head torch, swiping it back and forth for about 2-3 seconds…if it comes out dark do it for longer and if it is too bright, do it for less…quite quickly you can dial in your light painting skills until you get a good shot.

I always light paint my foregrounds with a small light and it makes my photos look so much better…..with a bit of experimentation, you can do this too to make your photos so much better. 

I also shoot the stars with a full frame camera:…

The principles are the same, with a few subtle differences…

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