Today I show you how I set my A7iii for photography. Now this isn’t the only way and you might have a better way that works for you, but I’m showing you how I do it, so you can learn from it and hopefully improve on it!  For videography:…

These cameras are pretty amazing in that you can customise them in so many different ways, so by all means this is in no way the only way to set your camera up, it’s just the way I like it and the way I have set it up after lots of shoots.

It gives me access to everything I need and I’ve got all these settings memorised, mainly through repetition of use.

I mainly shoot in either aperture priority or manual mode. 

When things are happening or changing quickly in front of me, I need to be quick in getting my settings. Aperture priority is a little like a semi automatic mode and when used in conjunction with the exposure compensation dial, I can very quickly get the settings I want. Click here for aperture priority.

When things are more controlled, I switch to manual mode. This gives me total control over everything I want. Say for instance landscape shooting, I have time to change the settings as the conditions change. On portrait shoots, I control the lights and move the subject to where I want….so a nice controlled environment. 


  • 0:00​ – Intro
  • 0:35​ – The modes I use
  • 1:32​ – The Menus
  • 1:50​ – Tab 1 1/14 Quality
  • 2:30​ – Tab 1 2/14 Noise reduction
  • 2:53​ – Tab 1 3/14 Drive mode
  • 3:57​ – Tab 1 5/14 Focus settings
  • 5:54​ – Tab 1 6/14 Focus Eye-AF
  • 6:51​ – Tab 1 7/14 Focus area register
  • 7:30​ – Tab 1 9/14 Exposure, ISO and metering
  • 8:26​ – Tab 1 10/14 Exposure settings
  • 9:39​ – Tab 1 12/14 White balance, creative style and PP
  • 10:38​ – Tab 1 13/14 Focus assist menu
  • 12:40​ – Tab 2 4/9 Shutter/steady shot
  • 14:01​ – Tab 2 6/9 Display/Auto Review
  • 16:36​ – Setting Custom Keys
  • 20:14​ – Setting the Function Menu
  • 22:17​ – Tab 2 9/9 Custom Operation 2
  • 23:09​ – Tab 5 1/7 Setup 1
  • 23:50​ – Touch operation
  • 25:23​ – File number
  • 25:53​ – Rec Media settings
  • 26:23​ – My Menu settings
  • 27:05​ – Outro

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