About Me

I am a photographer, a Youtuber and I teach photography online. You can get my free tutorials here on my website or over on youtube so if you want to take your photography up a notch, start consuming and start learning.

You can find all of my videos on the home page. If you’re searching for something specific, use the search bar to the top right, or if you want to binge watch a playlist, click o the playlists dropdown menu to find the list there.

“I am happiest when I’m behind my camera capturing all of the amazing things that go on in this world. What truly inspires me is finding out about interesting people and places. Photography can capture the beauty of locations, products and people, and freeze it in time.”

Mike Smith

Mike is a freelance photographer, born in rural Wales. His brother Andy, being a talented photographer, encouraged Mike to experiment with composition and light during his teens and early twenties. After gaining a degree in Geology, he moved to scenic Cornwall and became 2x British Kitesurf champion in 2003/2004. As a professional kitesurfer and competitive Motocross racer he used his photographic knowledge to showcase his passions. During his time as a professional sportsman, in the extreme sports he excelled at, inevitably he would get injured from pushing the boundaries.

“Every time I’d get injured, I’d pick up a camera…………………………and I used to get injured a lot!”

Mike Smith

Working with Sean Nolan, director of photography for Dragons Den and Top Gear, they produced ‘Fluid Edge’, one of the world’s first kitesurf instructional DVD’s. Individually, Mike has been working with the RPKA (Royal Airforce Powerkiting Association) coaching, photographing and filming all over the world, including Turkey, Morocco and Brazil. In recent years, Mike has worked with many companies including Maverick Race, Daddy Funk Drums and Side Rock Cycles as well as many corporate firms in the Middle East to produce some world-class images.

Passionate doesn’t come close to Mikes approach to photography; from pre-production through to late nights editing, he has a true talent of capturing your story from a unique and exciting perspective.

Over the past few years, Mike was getting frustrated with all of the rubbish on youtube. There’s nothing worse than clicking on what you think is a tutorial, only to have a load of drivel, being taken down the coffee shop, or just being mislead on what’s in the actual video. So he decided to start a no nonsense YouTube channel, giving high quality tutorials to make you a better photographer.