5 Ways To Make Your Photography Life Easier

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5 Ways To Make Your Photography Life Easier

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that matter. Those small things sometimes seem so insignificant and could be washed over or missed, but when you take notice and really dig deep, it’s these things that make you stand out form the crowd.

In photography, there are things that annoy me, like ridiculously small batteries in the sony cameras, and memory cards that don’t have a little built in voice warnings saying “I am full” or “back me up idiot” or “don’t hit that format button!” But, until these things are invented, there are a few things we can do, to make our lives easier. These are my 5 tips for you.

Some I use now and then, and some I do everyday! Like the elastic band trick…..this has saved me so much time!!!


01. Use lens and camera covers to hold your memory cards

Need somewhere to stash your memory cards? Put them in your camera sensor cover, and then put the back lens cap on this to give you a little pouch to safely store them in.


02. Use hats to protect your lenses

If you have a few lenses, they might roll around in your bag…. Buy a few cheap wooly hats from a local store, put the lens in the hat….This way you’ll protect your lenses…and have some backup warmth should you need it when out and about!

03. Use elastic bands to mark charged batteries

If you use more than one battery, get some elastic bands. Charge them up and then wrap an elastic band around them. When you come to change your battery, sling the used one in your bag, then remove the elastic band from the charged one and put it in your camera. If you have loads of batteries, you’ll be able to keep them in the same bag, and know which ones are dead and which ones are good to go.

So straight away in the image above, I can see that I have 2 batteries that need charging and 5 full batteries.


04. Use cds/DVDs to stop your tripod from sinking 

Bring 3 CD/DVD’s with you. When you’re in the sand, on an estuary or any unstable ground, get them out and place the tripod legs in them. This will stop your tripod from sinking! Learned this from Thomas Heaton, a great landscape photographer….go check him out at the link below!

05. Memory card holder trick

Put your memory cards in the holder upside down when they are full. When you’re tired and the shoot day is still going, you can see which ones have data on them and which ones don’t. Then that night when the last thing you want to do is work, but you know you have to back your data up, you can easily see which ones need it and how much more work you have to do before passing out in your bed!! Then, when you’ve copied, backed up and formatted them, you put them in the normal way. No more losing data or putting a card in your camera that is full.



Some of these I do every day, and some I do now and then. I always use the elastic bands and that has saved me a massive amount of time. I also do the memory card holder trick too. I would have lost a lot of data if it wasn’t for this. Then Thomas Heaton‘s trick of using the DVD’s to keep your tripod from sinking….this is a little gem. DVD’s take up so little space that you won’t even know you have them in your bag, but when you remember, it will save you from getting a potentially blurry shot!


Credit where credit is due:

I learned the elastic band trick off Mark Muench:


Go and get his Creative live class….you’ll learn so much!!!


And the CD trick I learned off Thomas Heaton:


This is his website….a great landscape photographer:


I can’t remember where I learned the others from……

If you have any tips that make your life easier, comment below or send me an email.

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