5 Tips to Take Care of Your Camera

February 9, 2018 by Mike in Hints and tips 0 comments
5 Tips to Take Care of Your Camera

This week I’ll show you 5 ways to take care of your camera

Most of the time, your camera will be sitting quietly, waiting patiently for you to have the time to get it out and use it. So, get a comfortable place for it to live!! This will keep it  safe! The last thing you want is your camera sitting around on your desk waiting for you to knock it over, spill a drink on it or drop something on it. And…..if its in your bag, it’s ready to go, so if you want to go out and shoot, all you do it pick up your bag and go!!

Use Proper cleaning fluids, a microfibre cloth and a blower

Your lens will get dirty and you will get bits of dust and dirt on it. Make sure you have a lens cleaning kit and a blower to get rid of any dirt and debris. Then, learn how to clean it properly. Use the blower to get rid of any sand grains and bits of dirt and diet that could scratch your lens, and then use a cleaning fluid with a proper microfibre cleaning cloth to get it spotless!

Use a filter to protect your lens 

Once you’ve cleaned your lens, get a filter to protect your front element. I’d much prefer to have a broken filter than a broken or scratched lens so get one and use it, especially if you have a bridge camera. Otherwise your prized possession will be off to the camera hospital.

Use the hood the right way round

This really bugs me but when you see people with their hoods on backwards, it…..it just…….just don’t do it!! Its lazy, it’s not what the hood was designed for…..and……. When you use it, it can actually protect your lens.

It’s main job is to stop unwanted lens flare, but also, if you inadvertently drop your camera and it hits lens down, if you have the hood on, this will take the brunt of the fall. Most are made of plastic so in a big fall they will get scuffed or break and soak up all that camera smashing energy!!

Get an LCD protector

Your LCD screen on the back of your camera is your window to your work, so keep it safe, the flappy screens are the best for this but if you don’t have one, get a protector. I’ve left a camera in my bag whilst travelling once, as I pulled it out, I noticed I’d packed it with some cables….one of the ends of the cables had been scraping and scratching it for a few thousand miles…..Face palm

Put double-sided sticky tape on the inside of your sensor cap

If you have a mirrorless camera put as strip of sticky tape on the inside of the lens cap. any dust floating around in there, will stick to the sticky bit…….this is not my tip but I learned this off the great Phillip Bloom and wanted to pass on the knowledge!! Here’s to you Phillip!!

And thats about it, you’ll never keep it completely clean, and there will always be bits of dust and dirt in the air, but remember, you’ve probably saved and scraped your hard earned cash together to pay for your beloved camera so make sure you keep it as clean and safe as you can….then it’ll be your favourite pal for years to come…….or at least until they bring out the next model……. 

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